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You&#8217;re right abortion is completely fine and humane&#8230; 

You’re right abortion is completely fine and humane… 

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    Bitch all you want, boy or girl. But when you’re sixteen and knocked up this is the holiest option.
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    ^^^ just for that comment. Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking.
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    No, as soon as sperm hits the womb its not BAM BABBY IS FORMED. There’s different stages of abortion. If you don’t want...
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    What is sickening… is that women look at that “choice” kinda like their choice weather or not to cut their toenails...
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    dear “pro-choicers,” this is what you are defending. this is what you like. this is what you fight FOR. this is what you...
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    Umm okay this is called a late term abortion. NOT ALL ABORTIONS ARE LIKE THIS. this is if you decide to have one after...
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    This is not how an abortion typically goes. Do some research before you let one picture change your entire view.
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    This procedure is chilling cold to the spine. Gives me the shivers yet makes my blood boil at same time.
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    uh abortion at 23 weeks isnt available here unless something is really wrong and then I think they make you labour and...
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    Oh god I don’t know how to feel right now :l
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    I always get this pang deep in my heart. I’ve had an abortion. I was 17. My boyfriend of two years broke up with me the...
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    I feel like I want to throw up, I always swing both ways on this topic. Its about circumstance
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